Upland Software Overview

I am currently a freelance UX/UI Designer for Upland Software which has recently acquired 3 mobile messaging apps. I am leading all aspects of the UX design process including research, wire-framing, prototyping and visual design. In order to preserve the confidentiality of the following project, the images have been blurred.


Mini re-design

The above image was a quick re-design of the home screen of one of Upland's new acquisitions. The goal was to redesign the header to match the Upland design aesthetic.

Upland Interview Img.png


My overall responsibility for this project began with stakeholder and user interviews in order to learn the pleasure and pain points of each app. I conducted 10 interviews, each lasting 1 hour. The interviews were all recorded which was vital in the creation of the Findings Documentation. I created each document (one for stakeholders, one for users) to detail all the assumptions of the stakeholders and then to validate those findings with the actual users. These findings were the guiding force when later speaking with the clients when deciding which features would take priority in the new design.


Early Sketches

After speaking with stakeholders, users and the clients I was able to create some initial low fidelity sketches to begin to solve user pain points. Currently, this step is still in process. Once it is complete I will move on to paper prototypes, high fidelity sketches, Invision prototypes and final designs.