F# Wireframes

L'Oreal Men Expert

Role: Wireframes, Content

Challenge: L'Oreal Men's Expert wanted the user to be able to unlock a playlist and receive an individualized product.

Solution: I gave the user an option of four beard styles which each corresponded to a special playlist. The user was was also provided with a L'Oreal product specifically for maintenance of that kind of beard. Users were then given the option to view the other beard pages which exposes them to other L'Oreal products and new playlists.

AirBnB - Live Like A Local

Role: Wireframes, Content

Challenge: Airbnb wanted to change the experience of their site by featuring hosts not just locations. 

Solution: By using the hosts image as a primary visual element, I piqued the users interest by showing them that this was going to be a different than the standard Airbnb experience. The user would choose a host profile to show them around their favorite spots in the city. Users were given details about the hosts favorite spots allowing the user to feel connection to both the location and the host.

The Mummy (Remake 2017)

My role: Wireframes, Content

Challenge: The client wanted a playlist generator that allows users to relive favorite memories while promoting the release of The Mummy (Remake 2017).

Solution: I provided users with two fields to enter the required information. A carousel  and linear dial were used to allow users to see all the available options while providing them with a more immersive interaction.

Redd's Apple Beer

My role: Wireframe, Content

Problem: How can we show that Redd's Apple Beer is a flavored beer and not a cider.

Solution: I focused on the copy because I felt it was important to briefly explain what Redd's is without ever using the word "cider". Keeping the design simple and clean was also a priority since this was intended for mobile viewing. I decided large product image was also a great way to show users what Redd's Apple Beer is.

Singapore Tourism Board

My role: Wireframes, Content

Challenge: The Singapore Tourism Board wanted a custom map that would allow users to see events and locations around Singapore. Results could be filtered by mood, genre, event etc.

Solution: I designed a map that did not consist of simple pins. Instead each location was identified by a bubble with an image of that city. When the user hovers over a location, the bubble expands giving the user a short description. I decided to use a drop down list for the filters so that the user would not be overwhelmed with text and options. The user also received flight and concert information based on dates of travel.


My role: Wireframes, Content

Volkswagen Mockup.png

Problem: Volkswagen wanted us to design a contest that would allow users to create their own music mix from preselected audio.

Solution: I provided users with an image representing each sound. Users could record their unique song and then share it with friends and enter the contest.