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L'Oreal Overview

The following are just a few of the projects assigned to me during my time at L'Oreal.

App Available at: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/clarisonic/id1305103766?mt=8

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Assignment: Create Male and female faces that identifies common beauty areas

A few of my early assignments required that I create imagery and icons for various L'Oreal projects/products. This ranged from, creating icons for presentations to adding imagery to information pamphlets. The image above was used for user research questionnaire. I created male and female pictures which were labeled to allow the users to accurately identify the areas being discussed.

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Assignment: Create Style Guide And Spec Document for App being developed

During my time at L'oreal, our largest UX project was to create a connected app for a particular beauty brand. The image above is a representation of one of my main responsibilities regarding this app. Once designs were finalized it was my responsibility to spec out each screen of the app, providing detailed and pixel perfect information and a style guide that was later handed over to the developers.

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Assignment: Create Design In motion Document for app being developed

In addition to creating a spec doc and style guide, it was also my responsibility to create a way to communicate interactions to the development team. To accomplish this task I created a clickable prototype in Invision which was used to communicate the basic flows to the client and developers. However, Invision was not adequate to show more unique and individualized interactions. To solve this I created a powerpoint presentation which identified clickable areas and links to examples of how each interaction should work.