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Quick Case Studies

Seashells is a savings and rewards program that gives you an easy way to save and earn FREE money to shop. They enable the user to automatically earn rewards for every credit card and debit card purchase. Unlike store specific rewards programs, Seashells allows you to redeem your rewards at any retailer or merchant in the Seashells network.


After checking out their website a few thing popped out at me immediately.

1. The color

I could see that Seashells was going for a more "cartoony" approach in their design which I though was fun but the colors made it hard to read or comfortably look at the screen for too long. I would suggested looking into different colors or hues to make  the design more visually appealing and accessible.

2. The copy

I would suggest slightly adjusting the copy “Buy yourself a gift card for the exact amount you owe”Although it is clear that you are referring to gift cards at the beginning of the sentence, as soon I read the word “owe” I became nervous. “Did I owe someone money?” “Is this like a credit card?” I might change the copy to “Buy yourself a gift card for the exact amount you plan to spend”. I believe this may avoid any unnecessary confusion caused by the word “owe”. 


3. No filter

The gift card page was a bit overwhelming and I wasn't sure where to start.

Here I added a filter which I think would be helpful to the user. If the user wanted to spend their savings on a restaurant for example, they would have to scroll through the entire list, possibly missing unfamiliar restaurants because they don't know the name. Including a filter makes it easier for the user to view a type of gift card without having to search the entire list. As the company grows and more gift cards are added, this will become increasingly daunting. Research has shown that too many options can actually dissuade purchasing.

Overall, this seems like a great idea to encourage user saving practices. Not only are they saving when they initially make a purchase with the "round up" feature but also knowing there will be future savings when they purchase a gift card.